Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to convince people to believe in you?

Put yourself in the situation where you are in the middle of the crowd convincing the people to buy your ideas. You have done your best. You’ve shown your last weapon. The people looked convinced. But, none of them was a prospect buyer.

I envied to those people who can sell their ideas at the instant. People in the real estate industry are not just trained agents. They are like prophets in the bible. People believe exactly on what they say. Their tongues are powerful that even a single piece of an old and worthless pen can be sold at a million dollar.

Well, maybe real estate is not my field. I basically know the standard tactics and strategies of selling but I have no power to make those people believe in me. That feels so disappointing. But what it hurts most is when you said something to your love ones and they didn’t believe in you. You did explain everything and they seemed to understand but along the way, you did not expect that they have doubts in their minds. Say for example, most Filipinos are text-addicts. I am not saying that we are not doing other things in our whole life. We rely on texting because it’s not expensive and we love the art of it. Okay, the situation is like this. You informed to your love ones that for these few days you can’t text them because of your “so and so” reasons. You thought they’re with you. But you’ve found out that since you did not text them they also did the same. Have you remembered you said that they need not to text you? The information is very clear. Should you say this way, “Please text me even if I can’t text you in a few days” so that they can understand? You were not giving instructions to kids, were you? This is a problem we often encounter if the one being informed had not fully understood or had lost your credibility.


Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

I love the book The Greatest Salesman in the Whole World by Og Mandino.

Grab that book, it will be a great asset.