Sunday, January 18, 2009


January 20, 2009, at 12:00 noon, marks the beginning of a new era not only in the United States of America but in the whole world as well. On this day, the most powerful man on earth will officially sit on his throne and begin to execute his inherited power.

As Barack Obama receives the key to the White House, he has numbers of challenges that need urgent action. These include the war between Palestine and Israel. As I understand, these two parties are fighting each other over a piece of land. How will the new President address this chaos between Muslims and Christians? How will he bring them together in peace and unity? Which party will he favor? I have doubts of how he will handle this issue. President Obama had never admitted that he is nor was a Muslim. He proclaimed that He was a Christian. If the US needed to mediate this war, President Obama will be emotionally divided and this will discredit him. I can’t foresee the victory of Palestine even with the help of its allies, the so-called Arab League which has more than 20 members. Among its members are Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Kuwait, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Mauritania, Somalia, Palestine, Djibouti, Comoros, Eritrea, Venezuela, India and Lebanon. Israel is the Promise Land. And it will never be defeated nor conquered. The God had made His promise to the Israelites.

Another issue that Obama must face is the downturn of the world economy. How will he save the world economy from its untimely death? Each day, companies around the world, big or small are losing thousands of jobs. Honda (Japan), Nakheel and Tatweer (Dubai) are among those big companies that handed thousands of their employees their final salary check. People around the world seek for their survival. Poorer will become poorer. And President Obama will become dubious of his last week’s address “A promise of a new beginning”, whether his word will become flesh.

As to how President Obama faces the challenges of his presidency is actually not my business. I believe he is mighty. America has his approval. And The Almighty Father has his blessings.