Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I posted an entry on Smart Plug N Talk last three months ago. Follow this link to read the whole article. Because of my doubts that this “thing” will not work in Dubai, I asked the customer service agent of Smart Philippines. Smart assured me that this device works anywhere in the world. Take note, “Anywhere in the world”. Still I was not convinced. I requested my brother to go to Smart Center Office in Cagayan de Oro to inquire if this device will work even if the VOIP’s are being blocked by the ISP. Smart assured him also that it will work globally but they are not sure if it worked in places where VOIP’s are blocked.

I received lot of e-mails from Filipinos in the US, Canada and Hong Kong. They said that Smart Plug N Talk is of great help to them. On the contrary, OFW’s in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) are not happy to know that their newly purchased gadget is useless and is just a waste of money.

These are some of the comments Perfect Square received from OFW’s. Please read. Note: These comments are unedited.

Anonymous April 1, 2009 6:51 PM

Plug N' talk is a waste of money if you are in UAE.

Its Not working in UAE. Prompting Error: 408 Request timeout.

Smart Customer Care responce this way:

Dear Sir/Ma’am,
We understand that you wish to be assisted on your Plug ‘N Talk device. We regret to inform you that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is being blocked by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) in United Arab Emirates .
However, you may use the device in other location or area where you intend to bring it where VoIP is not blocked.
We hope this has shed light to your concern. Should you need further assistance, please feel free to write us again.

Remi Remodo
Customer Care

belza21 April 6, 2009 1:22 PM


Smart Communications Inc. (SMART), the leading communication service provider in the Philippines has launched its new innovation called Plug ‘N Talk. It assures that Filipinos abroad can now have access to an Internet phone that allows them to call any Philippine landline or mobile number for as low as P6.50 (USD.13) per minute. All they have to do is to plug the device and talk! That’s all.




As what Smart had said that this device will work anywhere in the world. But, did Smart take into consideration the risk factor? I mean, will it work in places where VOIP is blocked? Dubai is a very conservative city. Etisalat, the leading communication service provider in the Emirates, is a jealous competitor. It does not allow any intruder. It blocks all forms of VOIP’s like Skype. With this regard, how will SMART Plug ‘N Talk work?


We understand that you wish to be assisted on your Plug ‘N Talk device. We regret to inform you that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is being blocked by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) in United Arab Emirates .

However, you may use the device in other location or area where you intend to bring it where VoIP is not blocked.





Josh of Arabia said...

hi ruph!..u got work on easter?

never heard this issue on smart, yet.

txs for info anyway :) we are rather be contented doing our longdistance during offpeak hours

ill ff this one :D

Desert Aquaforce said...

No comment ako jan... Hindi kc ako gumagamit nyan eh.

Anyhow, have a blessed Lent Ruph!

The Pope said...

From my understanding, Service Providers in the Middle East are blocking the VoIP, however there are some VoIP applications that was able to function through available patches or changing IP address which are available in internet forums.

I have not tested this Smart Plug and Talk gadget but I hope the Service Providers will lift its censure on this VoIP applications in the whole Middle East countries.

Jessie said...

same with me, first time ko lng nalman yan. I am sure if it is not working in UAE what more in K.S.A.

Anonymous said...

This is just a comment so please don't burn me for this. This device like any other device that uses the Internet as medium for voice calls uses VOIP, a port/protocol standard that converts voice into digital stream that can be passed over the Internet and reconverted to voice on the other end. Firewalls can allow or block this port. It should work for you if you control your own Internet firewall. Don't blame the product. If you can somehow convince your firewall admin to allow VOIP, you should be able to use this.

Anonymous said...

I am here in Oman and I brought one for me and my friend, sadly It did not work because VOIP is also barred here. I must have read your blog before I brought this thing and all I can do is use as 1GB memory stick.

Anonymous said...


Try niyo kaya download hotspot shield para ma override ang block ng service provider.

Ruphael said...


I just would like to tell you that I am not blaming the product. The product has nothing to do with our complaints. I am just disappointed with the advert of smart - "works anywhere in the world". I guess Smart has to consider also this blocking "thing". I know it is run through VOIP and it can't work without the internet. What I suggest, Smart has to be certain and reliable in its advertisement - change the way how people are being misled.

Hot Spot Shield is anti-blocker. With this program, you can have all the access but it is illegal. I know of some Expats here in Dubai who are using this program. Sadly, most of them were caught and deported.

Anonymous said...

Kahit na connected ang hotspot shield ko e ayaw pa rin , I tried yahoo calls and skype and it was okay, but the smart p n t is still not working, it shows 408-request time out. Maybe it is not the issue of VOIP being barred, maybe it is because of the connectivity between network. Alam ko Globe ang may interconnection dito sa Oman.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with the smart plug n talk that i've bought in the Philippines. My PC was not able to read the device autorun script. I have to manually load to loader to install the User Interface which suppose to check the and register the sim card into the network, but the device status read "700 - No SMART SIM Card detected" I've unplug the Smart Sim card that came with the device and installed it in my iPhone. My iPhone status displayed "No Service". It only meant that the Smart sim card was never activated. To further test the device, I've installed my Smart roaming sim that I've been using for over a year now and the device still read "700 - No SMART SIM card detected". In my opinion, this device was not completely tested for international use. It may have work in the Philippines and some other country but it definitely does not work here in the US. I would like to return this device and get my money back. I will never buy anything from SMART again.

Anonymous said...

FYI ... I was successfully able to use Smart Plug N' Talk in the UAE by using a VPN service. I use HotSpontVPN, but there are many others available.

Anonymous said...

I have just asked a friend to purchased this device when he was on vacation and sadly, same scenario. request timeout and and thrice i send feedback to smart and until now, i haven't got any respond to them. anyways, how is this vpn HotspontVPN works? Can you teach us here para hindi naman sayang ung nabili gadget na di naman pala gumagana dito sa UAE

Fritz said...

encode not supported thats what im getting. anybody know how to fix this problem?

Anonymous said...

i think you should check this site they can help you on the issues on plug and talk.

was able to fix my issues

Anonymous said...

Same doubt... I use Globe's Gweb, its working here in Dubai but the catch is you have to be post paid subscriber. You only need your PC. its even working with MAC.

Ninia said...

If I knew that it will not work here in Abu Dhabi, I should not have bought this. I even asked my sister to send it via fedex. Smart should not advertize anywhere in the world without putting the warning that it would not work in UAE.... Pahirap sa buhay, patwitter-twitter pa sila...sana nagresearch muna ko at nakita ang blogs d2, di san akao nag-aksaya ng pera...


Hi Friends..
You can use plug n talk in UAE... By using hide ip software... Its work 100%... If any1 need Hide ip software just contact me or you can downlod from this site http://www.hide-ip-soft.com/
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jeff_dxb said...

hi there,

i just tried my plug n talk. working sya ngayon dito sa dubai. sinubukan ko na rin tumawag sa pinas without any VPN.

try nyo lang ksi saken gumagana eh dati timeout din, ngayon nag-ok sya.

aspire said...

i tried it just now. its working, i just called pinas earlier without using any VPN. before ím experiencing the TIMEOUT issue, but when i tried again this morning, its working.

try nyo lang baka gumana na rin sanyo

Anonymous said...

any more updates regarding this product? uuwi kc friend ko ang balak ko magpabili