Sunday, March 8, 2009

Review: Top 20 Brands

What is your favorite brand?

People are tempted to ask this question if they sensed that you are exactly different from them – different style of fashion, unique scent of perfumes, etc. etc. For the elite a brand of product is very significant in their social life. Wearing a Prada for instance is a must in attending a social party. This will give them fame and confidence that they are attractive to the eyes of the crowd. But the question is does your brand belong to the top 20 brands in the world?

I have outlined below the top 20 brands in the world together with their respective ranking and value.

Here they are:

Rank Company Value (In Million dollar)

1 Google 66,434
2 GE (General Electric) 61,880
3 Microsoft 54,951
4 Coca Cola 44,134
5 China Mobile 41,214
6 Marlboro 39,166
7 Wal-Mart 36,880
8 Citi 33,706
9 IBM 33,572
10 Toyota 33,427
11 McDonald's 33,138
12 Nokia 31,670
13 Bank of America 28,767
14 BMW 25,751
15 HP 24,987
16 Apple 24,728
17 UPS 24,580
18 Wells Fargo 24,284
19 American Express 23,113
20 Louis Vuitton 22,686

How many of your brands are listed above? Me, I got 6 of them.



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