Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Real Opportunity

Yesterday, I had a heart-to-heart talk with my boss pertaining to the ONLY hot issue in our company – my irrevocable resignation. Actually, he should have gone to UK last Wednesday for the annual vacation together with his family but upon knowing from his PA that I could not wait the time of his return and I need to leave the company before 15th of June, he instructed her to re-schedule his flight on the 20th.

I know how my boss solves the conflict in our company. I’ve been with him for almost three years now. With this length of time, I witnessed how he manage the company he formed ten years ago. He is a good boss. He treats his employees fairly. He is considerate. And above all, he is not a racist.

He started our conversation by story-telling. He recalled the moments from the time he interviewed and hired me to replace his Syrian accountant until the time I submitted my resignation. He said, “You came by visit visa. I accommodated you because I could see in your personality that you are a good accountant. And indeed, I have proven your capacity. I am happy of your performance. I treated you well and I granted all your requests. I am sad that I can’t give you the opportunity you found outside. So, I will not hold you as I am concerned of your future. If you think to leave this company will make way to financial freedom and better future for you and your family in the Philippines, I will be more happy.”

While listening to him, I felt the guilt inside. I knew what he was implying, so interrupted his “homily”. “Don’t worry, Sir! I have made my decision to stay.”


I know I would miss the opportunity outside. But my decision to stay was the only thing in my mind. I could not sacrifice the company – I could not leave without nominating a new accountant. We did a lot of interviews and trained better applicants. We hired a Filipina by the name of Maria. I started to turn-over to her some of my responsibilities but on the 10th of June she no longer appeared. Lately, she informed me that she started her new work with her new company. Well, I could not condemn her. It’s for her future.

Now, I am trying to erase from my mind the idea of leaving my company. It’s not because I was touched by my boss’ sermon but because I have realized that the real opportunity has yet to come – an opportunity with the Lord’s blessing.

While waiting for the real opportunity, I must continue to render my services with dedication and loyalty to the company without questioning their monetary equivalent, after all, it’s the happiness that counts most, not the money.


Chico said...

it pays to be loyal.

malay mo, baka ikaw na ang maging may ari ng company nio in the near future! hehehe

nakaka guilty nga yan..

basta kung san ka masaya, dun ka.este suportahan ta ka..

Life Moto said...

i believe bro that if you walk in the path of the Lord it will shine on. Yun ang nakikita ang boss mo. mas masarap mag work na andoon ang trust ng amo mo and you enjoy the job. Nice decision.
Celebration na uli !

A-Z-E-L said...

so, it means walang vacancy senyo.. hehehehehe!

anyways, ilang months na lang... hintayin mo na lang siguro un for a graceful exit sa company.

and i hope that time, another better opportunity will come your way...

enjoy... :)

Josh of Arabia said...

hi dear bruder..

oh crossroad, crossroad!..i could feel how u struggle to make a right decision for urself and for ur future here,.mahirap talga esp in this critical time..

neither nor, may pros n cons lahat naman ng decisions natin..

and nxt time around, the new door for sure will open for u..

for the meantime, njoy the purpose of ur stay..good to hear u had a fine performance appraisal.saludo kami sayo.


Ruphael said...

Pahiramin mo 'ko bilhin ko ang shares ng company namin para maging akin ang kompanyang 'to...hehe

Salamat bro at suportahan mo ako. Teka, di mo pa sinabi kung saang kompanya ka nakapasok..Di naman ako nagtanong..hehe

Yes, you are right. Everything depends on HIM. Saka na 'yung celeration..Magpa-berger ako..hehe

Wala ng bakante sa amin..Pero binigyan ako ng assistant..Indiana, medyo malakas ang putok kaya di ako nawawalan ng sipon hanggang ngayon..Pero okay na 'to..wala na akong masyadong ginagawa kaya makapag Sudoku na ako palagi..

Ako lang ang may sabi about my performance..hehe

Thank you bro for your words of wisdom in the past..As I said the right time will come..For now, I have to be happy..

JM said...

I know you have made a big sacrifice but it pays to be loyal ....

goodluck bro to all your future plans...

Joemill said...

So sad that you have to go through such a point where you have to choose between two symmetries. It's hard to leave a company that helps you grow! And then you are caught between an opportunity which I think is a risk and comfortability but with guaranteed happiness.

Life Moto said...

bro pwedde bang cash na lang hehehe!