Friday, July 31, 2009

IT for the Oldies

Being the youngest member of our family (in Dubai), I presumed I have little knowledge in IT compared to the rest. Thanks to my computer instructor in college and to my virtual friends who constantly share their ideas and techniques in understanding the computer language. Apparently, I am not proficient in IT. I can’t even perfectly enumerate all parts of the computer and distinguish its functions.

I did not expect this little knowledge I was talking to would give smiles to the aged – the people I am living with for two years now. They are the people who were not introduced to the computer world during their younger years. They are my flat mates – certified home cleaners and nannies.

What motivates me to extend my hands to them?

This is simply because of my desire to help them cut/lessen their expenses on international calls to their love ones in the Philippines. Personally, I am tired of listening to them complaining about their monthly telephone expenses which are beyond their budget. So I decided to share my time teaching them[for free].

They don’t have basic knowledge in computer. They don’t recognize keyboard, monitor and CPU. Teaching them requires more time and dedication. But, I patiently taught them the most basic – turning on and off the pc until they learned how to type and use the YM.

Today, the oldies (Ate Rose and Ate PM) know how to chat with their families especially Ate PM who did not see her children and grandchildren for long time. I can still recall the first day Ate PM’s net meeting with her children. She was extremely happy to see them as if they were actually seeing each other in person. On the other hand, Ate Rose’s exposure to the chat rooms promises her something – that one day she can find her soul mate. Who knows?


Lord CM said...

Bait naman pre :) ,alam mo malakeng tulong talaga sa mga OFW ang kaalaman pagdating sa computer, lalo ngayon ang mahal ng tawag sa Pinas, mas makakamura ka kapag internet na ang gamit mo...

The Pope said...

I admire your kindness, you never get tired of sharing your skills and talents to our less fortunate kababayans.

I am proud of you. God bless you and happy weekend.

Lycloer said...

wow! baka ako pwede rin paturo? hehe! most filipinos have that values..:) proud to be your kababayan with ur att..:)

Life Moto said...

Gifted child ka talaga bro. I am sure it is just the beginning of your purpose in life, to reach out. Bro nice gesture.

AJ said...

tunay @ huwaran k talgang bayani.

that helps a lot, may u reach more :D

Sardonyx said...

That's really an act of kindness and humility, dapat ngang ishare ang nalalaman natin sa iba lalo na sa mga oldies hehehe they need YM para hindi sila mahomesick talaga.

I remember yun commercial sa Pilipinas yun lola expert sa pakikipagchat hehehe at ngayonmay facebook pa at may fans pa hehehe