Saturday, July 25, 2009

Will Election 2010 be part of SONA 2009?

While most Filipinos are battling against the impact of Swine Flu in the country which I believe the virus has reached even to the Northern part of Mindanao, the Palace is on its tight schedule in preparation of the coming "State of the Nation Address" of President Gloria Arroyo.

SONA 2009 is believed to be the last nation report of the President after a decade of presidency, BUT, the vast number of Filipinos are questioning her words - will it be the last? Will there be elections in 2010?

What should Juan dela Cruz expect from the SONA on Monday, July 27, 2009? Take a look on some expected scenes we may witness tomorrow before her speech:

>The achievements of her late father, President Diosdado Macapagal. She will not miss to mention them. She loves to give credit to her father.

>The anti-government protesters, noise barrage and the like.

>The presence of poor kababayans on-stage as she used to have in the past. Remember those children sending messages to her through the "bangkang papel"?

>The strategies the Palace has implemented to combat against Swine Flu.

>Praises towards the achievements of Manny Pacquiao and Aling Dionisia "Madam D".

>Con-Ass and Cha-cha.

>Reduced price of text na hindi naman totoo at promo lang pala.

>Ang pamamayagpag ng mga bagong bayani sa abroad.
I am sure she will not forget us. We are the hope of the nation. Kung dati, ang sabi ni Rizal, "youth are the hope of the nation", ngayon, para kay Gloria, "OFW's are the hope of the nation". Ang gandang pakinggan, diba?

The President is highly prepared for the SONA. Whatever contents of her report had been thoroughly reviewed by her and by her advisers. The least we can do is to listen, analyze and later do our part as citizens.


AJ said...

hi ruph. bakit di ka na nagchachat?, hehe

so madam D na pala iyong momi ni pacquiao ano..hay, maiblog nga sya. :)

yeah, gloria, sona, conAs, basta ako nalilibang sa mga ralyista sa TFC..

may pagka psychic ka rin pala bro. talented ka talag :D rgds,

Ruel said...

bro Aj, chat na lang tayong next time..hehe

Di ako psychic, isa lang akong hamak na quack doctor..lolz

The Pope said...

I hope President Arroyo will be truthful on her SONA report, and I am hoping that she will also announced her political plans beyond 2010.

Let us cross our fingers, and pray to Almighty to save our country and have mercy on the Filipino people.