Monday, July 13, 2009


You’re my one and only and always will be.
Now I want to show you how much you mean to me.
All the stars in the sky in the midnight hour,
Could never be as real as our loves power.

The rarest gems are so precious to find,
But more precious and true are our hearts combined.
Every tear that falls or every smile you bare,
I promise I will be there to hold you and share.

Each night in your dreams as you are asleep,
I wish to be there and have you to keep.
To never let go of your hand or heart,
To spend each second with you so we never part.

I wish to prove my love somehow,
Maybe you would join me in a solemn vow.
To stand with me before heaven and earth,
And show every soul what our love is worth.

Then forever to hold, to care for, and love,
We have one another by the powers above.

Note: This poem is from N. Steel - I dedicate this to my one and only.


EǝʞsuǝJ said...

ang twit naman :D

The Pope said...

You are really in love bro...

Life is really Beautiful.

God bless you.

Ruphael said...

Nilalanggam nga ako..hehe

Like most people usually feel..I'm so much in love..hehe

poging (ilo)CANO said...

naks...ayan napa tula ka narin..hehehe

kasalan naa.......

Life Moto said...

very lovely & touching poem bro. I feel I in Love again. who else but to my only Love.

BTW, best regards to your LDR. Rest assure your petition will be included in my prayer.
God bless bro!

Ruphael said...

Nahawa lang ako sayo kaya ako napatula...hay...ang sarap mainlav..hehe Saka na ako pakasal pag nakaipon na..lolz

Thanks for your prayer..I am counting on you..I know it will work..

Josh of Arabia said...

hi bruder..

i never knew, you were..ugh, in love, and a poet too.

thats good, more of this masterpeace to come then..

im still around. :D


aw... sweet... :)

Anonymous said...

Eto akin: I will stand by you through thick and thin, through sickness and in health, until death -- or whatever is there beyond death -- parts us.

D ako in-love pero in-spired ako.

Kablogie said...

(hikbi!) napaluha mo ako dito ah..(hikbi ulet sabay punas ng sipon)