Saturday, April 11, 2009


I thank “The Pope” of Palipasan for passing this award to me. It’s my great honor to receive such wonderful award from a wonderful friend. This is my second award from him - flattering yet compelling. For those who will receive this award, please be ready and have a couple of minutes recalling the first day you posted your first entry because you will be compelled to do so.

Anyway, I have been tasked to write my answer to this question, “Why do I love blogging”? Is this the prize of this Neno’s Award? It seems. This requires me to refresh my memory – my deteriorating memory (huh!). I hope I can remember well enough how I started blogging.

I was not born a poet. I was not born a writer. I was not raised by IT professional parents. I am just a simple guy whose profession was not by my personal choice. I was tempted to blog early in 2008 when my brother presented to me a blog of a Filipina, a socialite housemaid (Blog ni Inday). This blog was popular during that time (even at the present). I love her blog. I love the humors. I love to laugh. From then, I read her entries everyday to keep me updated on her life with the Montemayor family.

One day, I got an idea. Why don’t I make my own blog? If Inday can why can’t I?

So, I tried to sign up with domain with this url Most of my entries were about Dubai – OFW’s lifestyle, information and the like. Blogging was fun, though some people dislike my blog for its design, contents and theme. But I did not give up. I feel the passion to write. Blogging gives me the freedom to impart my ideas, my observations. Grammars are not criticized. We don’t have to worry and review our subject-verb agreement in order to create an entry. No one will condemn you.

Last year, I received an e-mail from GMA TV, asking my permission to use one of my posts. Here’s the letter:

Hi ruel. Im fidel Jimenez of GMA News TV. ( We have this section Pinoy wherein we feature Kwentong Kapuso mo stories/contribution of Pinoys in Abroad. Someone named Richard emailed us a blog article Buhay OFW Abroad from “Maginoo Pero Bastos.” But in fairness to him, this article is linked to your blogspot. With this regard I would like to ask your permission if I can use your blog article for Kwentong Kapuso. Thanks a lot and feel free to send us your stories or observation or experience in Dubai . Much better if it’s in Filipino, para sa ating mga kababayan. Maraming salamat at mabuhay kayong mga Pinoy sa Abroad.”

Here’s the link to read my article published in GMA TV ( For my original blog entry, I recommend you to click this link.

Right after the article was published, Perfect Square received more traffic. There were few who violently reacted on the issue and left their bad comments. But there were also readers who showed their sympathy. All these comments triggered me to continue what I have just started. This is a sign of a warm welcome in the world of blogging.

People read and react on what I write. This means I have been noticed. This is another reason why I love blogging. You, what’s your reason?

Now, let’s go back to the Neno Award, here are the aims and rules:

* As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

* To seek the reasons why we all love blogging!

* Put the award in one post as soon as you receive i.

* Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

* Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

* Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.

* Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

I love to pass this blog tag awards to the following bloggers for their continued support to Perfect Square and for their inspirational posts that give me more courage to continue blogging and to those who believe that blogging can make a difference. To all you, guys, this award is for you!

Joseph of Arabian Josh
Jzerx of Natural Hunch
NJ of Desert Aquaforce
Kablogie of
Mr. Thoughtskoto of Thoughtskoto
JB of Ultraelectromageticblog
Jen of Jen’s MisAdventures
Violet of Silip
Jessie of Life Moto
Mike of Mike Avenue's Pinoy Blog
Jez of On My Own
Marlon of Perspektib
Q of Pinoysbest
Pogi of Poging (ilo) Cano
John Michael of Thoughts of Juan
Elyong of Blogging Life


Kablogie said...

Wawaw naman Ruphael, sikat ka na pala sa GMA hehehe..Keep on blogging and continue creating inspirational stories to all OFW..Happy Easter Bro!

Lord CM said...

Wow!!!Congrats pre!!! :D

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

maraming marami salamat sa pagextend ng award sa akin Ruel. maraming salamat din sa pagfollow mo saken. I am hoping you will again extend your support in this 2009 project of the PEBA Awards. Mabuhay ka and congrats sa blog post mo sa GMA NEws!Ang galing!

Desert Aquaforce said...

Hi Ruph, Thanks for the award. Lagi akong nauunahan magbigay ng award...hehehe. I already got this award but still I will pass it around... hehehe, baka bumalik sa u.

Happy Easter! May His Life in us be the reason for our Easter celebration!

ruphael said...

Anong sikat?hehe Wala pa akong sitcom sa GMA (trying hard). Happy Easter too!

@Mr. Thoughtskoto,
You deserve it. I am your all time follower. Maaasahan mo ang suporta ko. Thanks!

@Desert Aquaforce,
Unahan lang 'yon..hehe Alam kong maraming magbibigay sayo ng award na 'to. You really deserve one from me. Happy Easter!

ruphael said...

@Lord CM,

Thanks a lot! Happy Easter to you and to your family!

Mike Avenue said...

Maraming salamat, Bro. Been busy these past few weeks. Can't breathe. Kaya hindi ako masyado nakakadalaw. PAti comments nyo hindi ko nasasagot. Hehe. But, will be back in the circulation this week. (I hope...)

Happy Easter sa iyo at sa lahat ng OFW saan mang panig ng mundo!

Salamat ulit. Ingat. God bless you.

Mike Avenue said...

One more thing, Bro. Congrats sa iyo dun sa post mo na napili sa Kapuso. Keep at it and keep it up.

Be happy!

The Pope said...

Well now I hear who is talking... you may not know it and I didn't made a mistake, you have the making of a good writer, its a talent within you... at GMA has attested to it by featuring your own post in their Kapuso OFW Station.

Keep on writing my friend, there are countless number of readers out there waiting for your next post, and I happen to be one of them ^-^

Happy Easter!

Jez said...

kapuso ka pala, galing naman! apir mo nga....

cge, salamat sa regalo...
bigyan ko yan ng panahon.....
bukas (mdyo may hang over pa ako sa holy week kaya hindi pa ako makapag isip)

Jessie said...

Hello sa lahat ng mga KABlog dito,
Thank you Ruel na surprise ako bro sa Easter Gift mo :)
Truely nga na masarap maging kabahagi ng mga ganitong award. feeling ko nakatanggap na rin ako coz u guys share with us this award.
Have a nice day bro!
Happy Easter to all!

Sardonyx said...

Congrats!! Ako rin nakatanggap kay The Pope ng Neno's award pero nahiya akong bigla nang makita ko blog mo, bigatin ka pala dahil na gma news ka pa hehehe, nanliit tuloy ako hahaha. First time kong mapadpad sa blog mo and I found out nga na nafeature pala blog mo sa gmanews, thanks for sharing that.....ang galing! Pwede po bang pa autograph? Keep it up! At muli po akong magbabalik dito sa blog mo.

john said...

Happy Easter my friend thank you for the award.

Ruphael said...

@Mike Avenue,
Don't worry. Take your time. Happy Easter too!

@The Pope,
Again, you flattered me. But I like it..hehe I am a fan of you kaibigang Pope. I am just a trying hard writer. Happy Easter!

Tulog ka muna para makapag-isip ka..hehe You deserve it. Hope you like. Happy Easter!

I only give this award to a nice person like you. Hope you like it. You have a nice site and you deserve it.

Wala namang ganyanan..hehe Salamat sa bisita mo. You did not know I've been dropping by in your site but I was afraid to drop a comment. Happy Easter!

Para talaga sayo ang gift na yan. Whether you like it or not..hehe Happy Easter bro!

Josh of Arabia said...

shukran khateer sadeek..maraming TY sa award...

bonus lamang yan sa ating efforts to maintain a site amidst our busy sked..ung acknowledgment n friends are more than enough, but that gma news thing wow, thats triple bonus, balato naman hehe..

honestly i was so proud of u, considering u also came from glad to have found one who find time for the same interest, keep it up bro...keep on posting ur bound to inspire a lot more.

sana naman makapg EB na tayo ano. we had holiday yesterday but i was freaking bz for my sis who left this land for good.

ill see u around..txs again..and more powerblogging again :D

"Q" said...

wow galing mo naman! na-feature ka kapusa :)

salamat sa award bro.

Ruphael said...

Thanks for your encouragement. To say "thank you" to a person like you is not enough..Don't wori may balato ka sa akin..hehe Time will come magkaEB din tayo, wag lang tayong mainip..

You, too, keep blogging!

You deserve that award..Pass it around..

poging (ilo)CANO said...

wow! salamat po sa pagbigay ng award...pag-uukulan ko yan ng pansin pag okey na ang lahat..medyo sumablay kasi kalusugan ko tong nakaraang araw eh..but everything is going alryt na..

---j3NsKeE--- said...

tenks ng madami sa award...
hamo at gagawin ko pag nasa ayus na ang kautakan ko..hehe..

Ruphael said...

See you again in the bloggy world..

mag-ayos ka na..para makapag blogging na ulit..

violet said...

Salamat-salamat sa award ha ^_^ sobrang nakakatuwa... yaan mo,ipo-post ko 'yan 'pag nagka-oras na uli't ako mag-blog ^_^ salamat ulit... at asahan mong madalas kitang bibisitahin upang magbasa ng iyong mga obra... nasa blog roll na nga pala kita

be safe! keep writing!