Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hi guys! I’ve been here in Dubai for 2 years now. Most of my friends in the Philippines are dreaming to work here in Dubai because they are thinking that Dubai will give them what they want in life. I am not discouraging you guys from coming here. It’s your choice. But let me give you some glimpse of the working environment in Dubai , its system and labor policies. Here it goes.Losing your job is never nice, but in Dubai it’s a particularly horrible experience – especially if you’re an expat.
The root of the horror is that both residency and the right to work for expats working in Dubai ’s finance industry are dependent on sponsorship by the employer. If you’re laid off, this goes up in smoke and you have 30 days to leave the country, unless a new employer takes you on.
In reality, unless your departure is particularly acrimonious, a firm will typically extend the visa for three months after your actual departure to allow your time to find another job.
With international banks shipping bankers out to the Middle East , a serious talent shortage in financial services in the region and a desperate need for expat expertise, if you’re fired it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself out of work for too long.
One way to sidestep reliance on employers is to invest in certain types of freehold property. Some people are choosing to get sponsorship through property and bypassing the employer, because it makes it easier to change jobs.
What if you lose your job and find yourself shipped out of the country 30 days later?Western nationals may return to the UAE afterwards on a visit visa, obtainable on entry, if they cannot find new employment in the country within 30 days. This is what is locally referred to as ‘the visa run’. Visit visas last for 30 days and can be renewed an indefinite number of times at present.
Job hopping is rife within the UAE financial sector, and expats have been given an extra helping hand with this by relaxed employment law.
In the past, expatriates would commonly stay for three-year assignments and then return home. Many are now choosing to move on more quickly to other positions in the region.
But you needn’t worry too much about being thrown out on your ear. If you really destined to be here, you will.