Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unreliable recruitment agencies in Dubai

For Filipinos who are entering Dubai through visit visa, I would like to remind you that it is not easy to get a job here. As what I’ve observed in our office alone, every time that we place advertisement in the classifieds, believe it or not, we are receiving thousands of applicants from different nationalities. This shows that there are multiples of visit visas flocking in Dubai just to search for job. I would say, for 10 applicants who are short listed and interviewed only 1 can join in the company. And what will happen to the rest who are unfortunate? Back to basic normal steps until they find a job or until they finally quit.
Being an open city, competition in Dubai is very healthy. We can see the presence of various nationalities like Filipino, Indian who has the highest number of expatriates not just in Dubai but in all Emirates, Lebanese, Syrian, Kenyan, Pakistani, Indonesian, African, Sudan and so much more competing for the same job. This scenario gives rise to, permit me to say, incompetent, unreliable and corrupt recruitment agencies. These firms have the same styles and strategies. They advertise in the newspaper as real employers giving their phone number to call for interested applicants. When the applicants attempted to call, they are attended by well-trained agents who introduce their nature of business in their most convincing manner. When the applicants are convinced they are directed to come to their office with their CV’s for review. Review for? They review the CV’s to check whether the applicants’ qualification and experiences suit (quote & quote) their (agencies) prospect employers requirement. But I tell you, believe me for God sake! All those who submitted their CV’s are all qualified. Nobody is rejected and declined. Here comes the next step. The “qualified” applicants are then asked to pay for (1) registration of $30.00; and (2) final interview fee of $30.00. The registration is non-refundable and is with official receipt. The final interview fee is refundable but without official receipt. But the good thing is you can have as many final interviews as you like. This is stupid! These agencies are stupid! How could I say this? I was once a victim of them. I, my 2 friends and a lot more had gone through with these corrupt practices of agencies. How many times did I and my 2 friends come to their offices for final interview where there were no actual interviews happening? How many phone calls did we make to follow up our applications where the agents just say “don’t call us, we will call you”? The question is, when will they call us? Next day? Next week? Next month? Or the day our 60-day visit visa expires? Watch out. Nobody from the agencies will call you after you have registered and paid. And if you asked them to return the final interview fee because you were not called for it, and because that’s the condition, they will simply say, “okay, please bring the original receipt to our office and we will refund your money”. Gotcha! Had they issue a receipt for the final interview fee?