Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Point is...

The issue of the State-of-the Nation Address of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo whether it brings new hope to the Filipino people or not has suddenly dropped to the point of nowhere.

The President must be thankful to this man-made tragedy in Mindanao, where killing is normal since the beginning. Muslim versus Christian, MILF versus Philippine Army. The President is now free from the prejudiced anti-government Filipinos who are trying to discredit her. Should the President be happy with this? The WAR in Mindanao is not just a simple headache to her which can be easily cured by a piece of a pain reliever. Mindanao’s plight is a malignant cancer to the President. Her order to crash all MILF, all those terrorists, all those anti-government can’t be forcefully implemented. The enemies are brutal and suicidal. They are more powerful and posses better fighting scheme. The Philippine army can’t by all means destroy them, unless they will also annihilate the enemies’ shelter – the people, the common masses who are most affected by this war.

We, the Filipino overseas are in sympathy to the President. She must be mourning the untimely death of her army and of our innocent brothers and sisters who are killed in Mindanao. But at any rate, we are a little bit happy because the value of peso to dollar is at its surprising rate. The $1:P45.25 dollar-peso ratio gives us some reason to smile. This rate means, we can send more Peso to the Philippines - to give healthy living to our families.

It’s just my point.