Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Job for Jordan

My friend and college classmate, Jordan, phoned me last night. He informed me that he found a job in one of the consultancy firms in Sharjah. I could sense through his voice that he was happy - happy because for almost two months of seeking for a suitable position he finally landed on the right one. Well, I congratulated him. If his company gives him the right compensation, then, he is in the right track. I am happy for him.

But I could not keep myself from worries. I have heard many complaints about some of the companies in the UAE. There are companies that don’t pay good salary. Some companies also don’t provide visa and working permit. What if because of the recession Jordan’s employer will not process his residence visa and will not give him a lawful salary? Actually, he admitted that he will be getting a salary which is below the current minimum wage in Sharjah. But he has no choice. He needs to survive. If he does not accept the salary offer the company will not care. Many jobless needs work regardless how small the salary is.

Jordan is one of those people I respect. He is intelligent and had always been admired by our Accounting instructors for his accuracy. He is a good accountant with long-term experience in banks. The company where he is now must be blessed. Jordan is an asset. With his expertise and dedication in his work, the company will never regret of hiring him.