Monday, February 9, 2009

Not that bad

I never had a good sleep last night. My flat mate after signing off the PC put the alarm clock near my bed and accidentally reset it to three-thirty in the morning. The loud sound of the clock disturbed me and awakened all my senses. I forced and re-conditioned my mind to get back to sleep but as if something had moved me out of my bed.

It was a lazy morning. Three-thirty is not my time to get out of bed. I felt a little dizzy but going back to sleep seemed impossible. What will I do in this very early morning? My body clock is set to five and I still have more than one hour to prepare myself for work.

I went on the kitchen and grabbed my favorite mug. Off course, to have a cup of hot coffee is practical to make our body a little warmer. While enjoying the aroma of the lingzhi, I turned on my PC to read on the news headlines via rss installed on my customized toolbar.

After scanning the most recent headlines, I opened my personal e-mail at yahoo. I was surprised to see 1006 unread messages in my inbox. This is a big number of messages I ever had after joining discussions with blogcatalog and signing up with twitter. Most of the messages were coming from other blogcatalog and twitter members whom I sent invitation earlier last night.

To all my friends at blogcatalog and twitter, my million thanks. See you in the discussions and forums. Please keep visiting my blog.