Thursday, February 12, 2009

When wishes become reality

I was not doing anything productive today. It's Thursday – our office holiday. Basically I am at home and alone. I don’t want my day to be boring. I had to go for something that would please me in any manner. Time management, I thought, this would make sense. So I dedicated 90% of my time today to net surfing. The remaining 10% was on TV.

Let me talk about the interesting story of "Wish Ko lang". Wish Ko Lang (English: My Wish) is a reality program hosted by Ms. Vicky Morales. This is an award-winning program of GMA, Philippines one of the leading TV networks. Of today's episode, one constant viewer was wishing to reunite with her siblings whom she did not see after 1948. She was born in Camiguin Island (an island on the northern part of Mindanao). During the Hibok-Hibok eruption in 1948, she was brought by her neighbor in Manila because during that time the government of Camiguin ordered its people to leave the island. From then, she did not have any chance to see them. But she was wishing that before she dies she could reunite with her sister and brother.

Wish Ko lang, like a genie heard her wish. It investigated the whereabouts of her brother and sister and found them settling in Cagayan de Oro city. To realize her wish, Wisk Ko Lang provided her ticket and iterinary to CDO. There, the siblings reunited after more than 50 years.

I could see the utmost joy of their reunion. They were the happiest people on that moment. Deep within me wanted to share their joy. I know I could relate the story. I, myself, is from Camiguin and like them I wanted to reunite with my family. When? Well, like the wisher, for now I have no idea but I am sure the right time will come.