Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's, what's your story?

The head of our company’s real estate department is wearing full red today. She looks very lovely, compassionate and executive. She makes a perfect example of a middle aged woman who, despite of pressures in work, life and issues brought by global crisis of today, find herself to celebrate the day of hearts, the day of love, or whatever you call it.
What’s special of today’s occasion? I asked this question to our head, the lady in red (just for today I think). I was amazed by her reply. She said 15 years ago, she gave her heart to the man who first kissed her. But she did not expect that the man she loved was a family man. Upon knowing the truth, she already loved the man and did not want to let him go. One day, while they were in a restaurant celebrating Valentine’s, the wife of her man came in with outrageous behavior. The man had to make his choice to end the trouble brought by her wife. Unfortunately he did not choose her. But since then she had no other reason to celebrate Valentine’s. She just wanted to recall the memories of her past love.

Don’t you think she is weird? She was rejected and now she wanted to be reminded always of this man. Well, I did not dig more details of her love life. It’s not my business, actually. If I were the one to share my love story, like her, I will keep some secrets for me. Nobody can force you to tell your stories.

Anyway, to everyone who knows how to value the essence of love, Happy Valentine’s!