Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who's behind the second life of Eman?

This morning, one touching story was served in my table by my most favorite local newspaper in Dubai – 7 Days. The story was about a young Filipina, Desirae Eman, who works in Dubai as a housemaid to feed her family back home. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with heart failure. The doctor found a massive hole in her heart and needs an urgent medical operation to give her a second life. The 4cm by 3cm hole in her heart was critical and must be repaired.

Her employer, Mrs. Oeydis Widmark, a Norwegian national, could not send her to the hospital due to financial issue. But because of her wholeheartedly desire to help and save her housemaid, she decided to seek help from other people. On the latter part of December 2008, the story of Eman through the never-ending effort of Widmark was published in 7 Days.

Eman’s plight touched the hearts of 7 Days readers who dug deep and donated a staggering Dhs 70,000.00 (USD 19,000.00) towards the cost of the operation. On top of their generosity, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, then stepped in and offered to pay for the surgery. He instructed his staff of his own hospital to inform Widmark for the operation.

The operation was successful. Eman is now on the process of recovery.

I could not help myself to feel the emotion Eman had after recovering herself from the surgery. She was very fortunate. Her employer, the Crown Prince, and the people who donated part of their income despite of this unfavorable economic situation must be truly God-given instruments.

How many of us are willing to help? Could there be another Oeydis Widmark who is willing to help out of nothing? Could there be another Prince who is ready to extend his delicate hands to help the needy?


Coolbuster said...

thank for commenting in my blog. yours too is nice. great job.

GB said...

I was so touch by this post. to think that there are those that would help and look for more help if they can't do it themselves.

I linked to this post because I know it should be spread. I hope you don't mind.

again, Great post

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