Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another Horrific Experience with Dubai taxi driver

Friday, December 5, 2008 – a day of my first ever driving class at Belhasa. By the way, at long last I received a phone call for my class schedule from this same rude customer service agent. Since that was my first day, I had to be punctual to impress my instructor. My house is 30-minutes away from Belhasa during Holidays (Fridays/Saturdays) and approximately 50 minutes during working days.

It was already 1:20 in the afternoon. I decided to hire a taxi so that I could reach Belhasa before my hands-on classes at 2:00 P.M. I spoke to the driver and gave him my destination. I asked him if he know the place and he perfectly confirmed. He was a talkative driver. He raised so many questions and introduced himself to me. He said he is more than ten (10) years in Dubai as a taxi driver. Okay, so much for the chatting…

We almost reached the last bridge near IKEA when I saw the road ahead being divided. I’ve passed this road before but I was not pretty sure which road to take, would it be right or left. To my surprise, he asked me which direction we should go. I did not respond because I was thinking he was just joking at me and I believed he knew every place in Dubai considering his tenure of service in the Metro Taxi.

He took the right side road that brought as to Garhoud, passing Wafi City and Al Wasl Hospital. Al Wasl Hospital was a very familiar place to me. I knew that Belhasa center is found behind it. Believing my instinct, I told the driver to stop but he insisted that he has to find an exit. We were five hundred meters away from Al Wasl Hospital but we did find an exit so I shouted him to stop. He dropped me off in the deserted place. After I paid him his very excellent services he sped away.

I walked towards Al Wasl Hospital trying to find an internal road that will probably take me to Belhasa. After 35 minutes of struggle I reached Belhasa 20 minutes late.

How many more idiot taxi drivers can we find in Dubai?