Saturday, December 13, 2008

What else you can do in the desert?

If malling, shopping, going to bars and disco houses, etcetera, etcetera, are tiring and expensive lifestyle in Dubai, why don't you try something cheap? Try to enjoy the lukewarm water in the beaches. Or if you don't find peace in the seashores, go and take yourself in the forest and mountains, play hide-and-seek with your lover, friends or with the forest creatures. Aside from being away from the congested city, you can be more closer to the mother nature. Wait, I must be wrong. Dubai does not have forest to play hide-and-seek.
What I mean is, invite your friends for a desert safari. Winter is the best time to befriend the desert. Just spend AED 160.00 and there you go, enjoying the excitement, the furious and breath-taking safari you can only play on the the sand.

But that's not all. You are free in the desert. You can do anything you like.

From playing with the sand.

Eating your favorite junk food with your suitor.

Dicovering your suitor's phobia.

Or just a plain picture taking with desert eagles.

What fun could there be more in the desert? Try it.