Sunday, December 14, 2008

Water, where did you come from?

Seems like a swimmig pool, right? But it's not. What you actually see is not a swimming pool, nor a river. What's your wild guess? A sea? No. No. No.

These are the few photos I captured last Tuesday on my way to our office in Barsha. You may wonder why I post these pictures. These are only normal pictures. Pictures that do not worth a thousand dollar. Pictures which are not done by the pros.

Well, it's up to you then. We all have different perspective in life. How we are going too see things differs from one another. But for me these pictures worth more than I could think.

Considering that I come from a tropical country. A country mostly visited by typhoons and floods. A country surrounded and divided by waters. Let me say, I miss to see ordinary things in Dubai. Rain for instance is considered to be an extra-ordinary thing here in the Emirates.

So, upon seeing the flooded streets after a continuous raining of about 3 hours, these were what happened next. Water was everywhere. The dainage overflowed.

As I took these pictures from my Samsung mobile, I remembered the movie "Water world". I don't want to exaggerate things but as I said I'm here in the desert where rain is not ordinary.

I am certain when I go back to my country I will also miss this mess.