Sunday, December 21, 2008

How do I celerate my Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching. While most Christians are busy wrapping of gifts for their love ones, others seem motionless. But, I don’t think this year’s Christmas is going to be celebrated with extravagance. Well, for the rich people who are not affected with the world economic crisis that started in America, their Christmas will be memorable.

I used to celebrate Christmas with my families. When I was just a kid, my father had explained that Christmas is the only celebration that each Christian must participate. And that all members of the family must be together at least on the eve of December 24 for the Noche Buena. Christmas is not just a mere celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas has always been part of our lives. Above those red calendar events, Christmas is in our hearts and wherever we go its spirit is always present.

Now that I am away with my families, my Christmas had never been the same. Though Christmas is acknowledged in Muslim cities like Dubai, the government has no mandate to proclaim it as one of the non-working holidays. So my Christmas will be a regular day. What’s my program? I hope to attend mass on the 24th and have Noche Buena with my flat mates. And on the morning of 25th, take a bath to freshen myself from hang-over (if any) and head for work. What else I can do? My host is an Islam country. I respect it and as a law-abiding expatriate, it’s my responsibility to follow its rule. You, how will you celebrate your Christmas?
Christmas tree in Saint Mary Catholic church, Oud Metha, Dubai.