Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's wrong with my Smart Buddy?

I’ve been thankful to Smart buddy. Since then, I enjoyed using its roaming services here in Dubai. My family back home can text me anytime with the cheapest cost of USD .02083 per message or if they subscribed to unlimited text they could text me without limit by just paying about USD .625. That’s a big saving for my family and friends who want to get connected with me…haha

However, sometimes it gives me a kick on my ass. Every other 3 months I have to add credit on my account otherwise the service will become inactive like what happens today.

It’s a normal thing for me to check my roaming every now and then to see if there were messages from the Philippines. My brother is texting me every day from sunset to sunrise. But today none of the messages I expected from him flew to my inbox. I wonder why. He must be very busy with his accounting class. No way. He owns his time and he used to text me every achievement he has received, everyday disappointment he has faced, all his worries in studies, all his illusions, all his sleepless nights, all the current news. He even used to text me to ask for the procedures of cooking my own version of Pork Sinigang which he like most.

I was upset. I had lot of things in my mind. Maybe he left his mobile at home. Maybe he has no enough load balance on his account. Or the worst, maybe his mobile had been stolen. I kept on ringing his phone. After a few minutes I received his message to my local account (Du) informing me that he had sent several messages since this morning.

I never realized that it’s been 3 months since he added credit to my account. My account might not receive messages because it’s not active anymore. Same thing had happened last September. So I asked him to top up a few amount. After a couple of minutes it’s back and my inbox overflowed with the pending messages.

This has always been a problem with smart roaming. If you failed to add credit to your account, then, expect disconnection without any notice. The worst part is that, you don't know how your credit disappear. You don't use it. To receive messages are completely free.