Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How stressed are you?

Try to have focus to the following pictures. What do you notice? Do you see some changes? Do the objects moving?

These pictures used to determine the level of stress we can handle. For some people they would attest that these objects are not moving. On the other hand some also would clear that these objects are really moving. Actually, these objects are perfectly not moving. What we actually see is just an optical illusion. If you see these objects are moving very slowly, these would mean you have a better ability to handle your stress. Allegedly criminals who were tested to focus on these objects found out that the objects are rapidly moving. On the contrary, kids and senior citizens claimed that these objects are not moving.

Test yourself...



Reymos said...

Well, as you stopped your eyes from moving (up and down or any directions and close-open your eyes), then these graphics are not moving, but if you move your eyes, then these moves. Criminals tend to see these objects moving because they are not really stress but "nervous" so they move their eyes fast and even the intervals of closing the eyes are fast as well.